Final Physical Training Model

Final Physical Training Model

The outer portion (shell) of the physical model is a training box (‘abdomen’). The training box has 4 ports attached, which include a 3-D camera port and three ports for the instruments. The ports are 9 cm from each other. The trainer box helps standardize instrument and camera placement for the 7 tasks that will be performed on the dome model (see Curriculum: Module 3:  Psychomotor Skills Curriculum


The dome model shown below fits inside the training box. It is designed to train and assess the proficiency of the psychomotor robotic skills of the surgeon in 3-D. It has an outer diameter of 18 cm and is covered by a disposable artificial “skin”. The skin overlying the dome model can support multiple uses by one or more robotic surgery trainees.



CAD diagrams and specifications for the physical model were provided to robotic simulation companies so physical model and the simulations have the same measurements and dimensions. Virtual reality simulation models are being developed for all 7 psychomotor tasks.