Module 1: Introduction to Surgical Robotic Systems

Module 1: Introduction to Surgical Robotic Systems

A technological revolution occurred with the introduction of laparoscopy and other minimally invasive surgeries. This curriculum provides a primer for surgeons who choose to pursue robotic surgery.

Content Outline

Introduction from Dr. Patel

Minimally Invasive Surgery
Video Imaging
Motion Reversal
Motion Amplification
Degrees of Freedom
Camera Stability & Visualization

Robotic System Advantages
Information System Components
Information Amplification
Three Dimensional Imaging
Eliminate Motion Reversal
Favorable Motion Scaling
Tremor Elimination
Increased Degrees of Freedom
Stable Camera Platform
Improved Ergonomic Positioning

Components of Robotic Systems
Surgeon’s Console
Remote Manipulator Arms
Monitor Interface
Secondary Consoles
Master-Slave Relationship
Instruments & Accessories
Energy Sources
Information Enhancements
Robotic Simulation

System Functionality
Adjusting Console Settings
Operating Master Controllers
Visualization Capabilities
Motion Scaling
Collision Avoidance
Arm Switching
System Operations


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