Module 2: Didactic Instructions for Robotic Surgery Systems

Module 2: Didactic Instructions for Robotic Surgery Systems

This module contains the cognitive skills required to conduct safe and successful robotic procedures in the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative phases.

Content Outline

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Learning Objectives

Overview of Robotic Surgery Systems

Pre-Operative Phase
Identifying Robotic System Components
Setting Up the Robotic System
Turning On and Calibrating the Robot
Positioning of Components
Setting Up the Robotic Console
Draping the Robot
Patient Transfer Into Operating Room
OR Team Members and Positioning
Anesthesia Administration
Positioning Patient and OR Table
Patient Identification

Intra-Operative Phase
Trocar Placement
Surgical Cart Positioning
Docking Robot Cart and Arms
Instrument Insertion
Final Review of Set Up
Surgeon Transition to Console
Ergonomics of the Console
Set Up Visual Field
Activate Instruments
Injury Prevention

Post-Operative Phase
Safe Removal of Instruments
Undocking the Robot
Closing Incisions
Transfer Patient to Gurney
Transport to Recovery Room


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