Consensus Conference 2: Curriculum Planning

Consensus Conference 2: Curriculum Planning
(April 29-30, 2012)

In the second FRS consensus conference, called “Curriculum Planning”, there were four specific goals to begin the process of curriculum development and determine the methods for training and assessing the full range of technical skills (cognitive, psychomotor, team training/communication) that are necessary to safely use a robotic surgery system.

The goals were to:

  1. Review the Outcomes Measures Table developed in the first consensus conference.
  2. Select from those measures the ones that should be included into the curriculum development.
  3. Review and adapt the curriculum template from the Alliance of Surgical Simulation for Education and Training (ASSET), which developed and published a curriculum template with wide consensus for surgical training.
  4. Begin the actual curriculum development process, including metrics for each skill/task/error and assessment tools (formative vs summative).

    Abstract of the ASSET Consensus-Based Framework for Design, Validation, and Implementation of Simulated-Based Training Curricula in Surgery is provided below.


The curriculum planning was accomplished through a full-cycle development process that begins with the outcomes and metrics. All stakeholders, including the accrediting bodies, should be involved in the curriculum development process from the very beginning to ensure the final curriculum and assessment methods will meet the rigorous requirements of determining proficiency, meeting standards, and possibly even fulfilling certification criteria. A graphical representation of the process is provided below.