Consensus Conference 1: Outcomes Measures

Consensus Conference 1: Outcomes Measures
(Dec 12-13, 2011)

In the first FRS consensus conference, called “Outcomes Measures”, subject matter experts from multiple surgical societies, surgical educational societies, surgical boards and other governing organizations agreed upon the critical skills and tasks that needed to be included in a comprehensive basic curriculum.  A task deconstruction was performed to identify the tasks, subtasks and errors that need to be measured. A modified Delphi methodology was used to create a matrix of specific robotic surgery tasks that are matched to their common errors, a description of the desired outcome and the quantitative metrics that support those outcomes.  Following the conference, a second round classic Delphi anonymous rating was used to ensure concurrence, to prioritize the ranking of the tasks and to eliminate low-scoring tasks.

There were 25 outcome measures that resulted from this process that are listed below.

  1. Situation Awareness
  2. Eye-Hand Instrument Coordination
  3. Needle Driving
  4. Atraumatic Handling
  5. Safety of Operative Field
  6. Camera
  7. Clutching
  8. Dissection-Fine & Blunt
  9. Closed Loop Communication
  10. Docking
  11. Knot Tying
  12. Instrument Exchange
  1. Suture Handling
  2. Energy Sources
  3. Cutting
  4. Foreign Body Management
  5. Ergonomic Position
  6. Wrist Articulation
  7. Robotic Trocars
  8. System Setting
  9. Multi-Arm Control
  10. Operating Room Set-Up
  11. Respond to Robot System Error
  12. Undocking
  13. Transition to Bedside Assist
Example of Outcome Measures #3 and #4.